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Colloidal-C Anti-Redness Toner

with Colloidal Oatmeal, Vitamin C, Liquorice Extract and Aloe Vera.

Vegan ✔ 365 day guarantee ✔ Cruelty-free ✔ Paraben-free ✔

    • This toner has one function and that's to reduce redness. We use a carefully extracted grade of colloidal oatmeal that has a high percentage of beta glucan. Beta glucan is the magic polysaccharide of oatmeal that soothes skin and can promote wound healing.
    • Beta glucan enhances skin smoothness, reduces redness and overall skin irritation. It scavenges free radicals, helping to reduce cell damage.
    • Colloidal-C also contains botanical liquorice extract - a potent antioxidant that has a good evidence base for soothing redenned skin.
    • Sodium lactate hydrates skin and aloe vera and vitamin e soothes. Stabilised vitamin c lifts and brightens red skin (all at a skin-friendly pH)
    • Natural - vegan, paraben-free, no silicones, polyethylene glycols (PEGS) or mineral oils and not tested on animals. Made in the UK.
    • Concentrated and long-lasting, 200ml of this toner offers exceptional value.

    Colloidal-C is our hero toner formulated to tackle redness.   We use a high-quality grade of oatmeal that has a beta glucan content of over 25%.

    Active Ingredients
    Aloe Vera
    Nature's most soothing of succulents.
    Lactic Acid
    An alpha hydroxy acid, lactic acid exfoliates cells on the surface of skin.
    Colloidal Oatmeal
    Not just any oatmeal, Facetheory Colloidal-C cointains oatmeal with a super-high beta glucan content. Beta glucan is the magic component of oatmeal that is moisturising and can be a stimulator of the immune system.
    Liquorice Extract
    Effective against dark spots, hyperpigmentation and acne-causing bacteria. Great for sensitive or redenned skin.
    Panthenol (Vitamin B5)
    Panthenol is a humectant that gets to work on the stratum corneum to help reduce redness and itching.
    Vitamin C
    An essential antioxidant, vitamin C can help brighten skin, reduce pigmentation and even out skin tone. We use stabilised vitamin c that won't oxidise.
    Vitamin E
    Facetheory vitamin E is sourced naturally and contains mixed tocoperols, rather than tocopheryl acetate. It's a naturally occurring component of healthy skin.
  • Spread a few drops onto a cotton pad and apply to a cleansed face.
  • Aqua, aloe barbadensis leaf juice (hydration), propanediol (humectant), glycerin (humectant), avena sativa kernel extract (oatmeal), glycyrrhiza glabra root extract (liquorice extract), sodium lactate (beneficial skin soother), sodium ascorbyl phosphate (stabilised vitamin c), lactic acid (aha), panthenol (vitamin b5), tocopherol (vitamin e), sodium levulinate (preservative derived from sugar cane), sodium anisate (preservative derived from star anise), glyceryl caprylate (emollient), polyglyceryl-4-oleate (emulsifer derived from olive oil), polyglyceryl-4-laurate (emulsifier derived from sunflower oil), xanthan gum (rheology modifier).

  • pH5.0
    TextureThin opaque alcohol-free fluid.
    PackagingAmber glass bottle
    Sulphate-free / SLS-free
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